Naaseh Before Nishma

Rabbi Yaacov Haber

Parshas Yisro

"Because of our fathers who trusted in you, You taught them the laws of life." (ahava raba; morning prayers) Where do we see that trust was the merit of Kabalas Hatorah?

We are all familiar with the events that took place before the giving of the Torah to the people of Israel . G-d went to all the nations of the world and offered them the Torah. They asked the natural obvious question 'what does it say in the Torah?' G-d gave each nation an example of Torah which was too difficult for them to keep so they naturally decided to do without. When he came to the children of Israel they said Naaseh Venishma. Why didn't they ask the intelligent question 'Mai KSiv Bey?' Was this a case of blind faith? Says the Torah that it was not blindness it was trust, they trusted G-d not to offer something which they could not handle. What if they would have asked 'what does it say?' they would have also heard something which is too hard to do, but out of their trust they did not ask. Baavur Avoseinu Shebutchu Becho we received the Torah.

The Gemarah tells us that a Tzedukee came to Rava and stated, 'You are such a foolish people that you put your mouth before your brains. Why would you say Naaseh before Nishma? Rava answered that on us says the Torah 'Tumas Yesharim Tanchem' This means that if we go about the acceptance of Torah and Mitzvos as we would purchasing a pair of shoes we would never be able to afford the price. But being that we went with Bitochon, along with the Torah G-d has to give the capacity to fulfill it. Bitochon is not only the reason we accepted the Torah but our source of strength to fulfill it. According to the laws of nature we would never have the strength, but we agreed to put ourselves above the laws of nature. When we live according to Torah we live a miraculous lifestyle. We can expect miracles to happen on a regular basis. If we don't TRUST that Hashem will make it work then like the Umos Haolom it will be too hard.

We ask Hashem 'Kain Techanainu Uslamdeinu' the word chain implies Matnas Chinum according to the Gaon. Because of Bitochon we can expect things that are really to big for us. Help from above that go beyond our nature.

May we be Zocheh to this Chein and see Nisim Veniflaos.

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